Do you know what they put in the water that you drink?

Tap water


Tap water is hard water. It is saturated with lime salts, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, copper, silicon, nitrates, chlorides and other inorganic metals and chemicals. While some of these substances are slowly  seeping into your water supply from aging plumbing systems, others are added during the various purification processes for the city’s drinking water. That’s not all! Tap water may also contain a number of bacteria and viruses as most water distribution system, unfortunately, are not always well protected from sewer contamination.

Boiled water

eau bouilli

Boiling tap water before you drink it is not the solution. Although most microbes will probably be killed by this  process, the problem of inorganic minerals and chemicals is not helped. On the contrary! Boiling will actually  increase their concentration. Have you ever looked inside your electric kattle after all the water was boiled out of it? The powdery stuff that you can scratch off the bottom is just that!

Filtered water

eau filtrée

Even the finest (and most expensive!) water filter on the market can let thousands of microbes pass into your drinking water. Using filtered water is most probably better for your health than drinking straight from the tap but it may expose you to as additional risk factor.

Spring water

Do you believe that spring water is good for you? Mineral water, as it is frequently called, is also hard water.  In fact, whether it was bottled from an underground aquifer or from a source on the surface, mineral water may contain unhealthy amounts of inorganic matter. The upper limit for concentration of inorganic substances in drinking water is around 170 mg/l. It is as interesting fact that many bottled spring waters do not mention how high a concentration of minerals they contain…

Distilled water

eau distillée

Distilled water is water that was boiled into steam and then recondensed in order to eliminate any impurity it may have contained. It is the purest form of water there is because it contains no bacteria, no minerals, no chemicals, no other sutstances except pure, clean, clear water! In fact, drinking distilled water is even recommended  by Atlas Laboratories.
The choice is yours:
 légumes Some maysayers might tell you that distilled water can damage your health because it contains none of the essential minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. The truth of the matter is that our bodies are not able to process inorganic minerals like those contained in source water. Only vegetable life forms are autotrophic (able to transform inorganic minerals into organic matter). All animals, including humans, are heterotrophic, meaning that we can only draw our nutrition from organic sources. As you can see, distilled water is undeniably the purest form of water there is, and the most suitable to human consumption.